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eMarket Theme

מודולים ותוספים לאופן כארט.

מערכת OpenCart כוללת 13000+ מודולים ותוספים לניהול אתר מסחרי מצליח המאפשרים צמיחה והרחבה של העסק שלך. ניתן למצוא תוספים כגון, תוספי תשלום, תוספי משלוח, מדיה חברתית, שיווק, חשבונאות, דווח, מכירות וכן חבילות שפה.
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    eMarket is a universal template which was built on the basis of the standard Opencart theme. Neatness, minimalism and ease of use are what distinguish this pattern from hundreds of others.

    Frontend demo
    Backend demo
    Access to the admin area: demo / demo

    What do you get with the online clothing store template:

      Archive with the current version of the template and additional modules
      Free Opencart template updates that are generated based on your feedback and suggestions for improvement.
      Detailed documentation on installing and configuring the Opencart template.
      Several colorful banners for a clothing store.
      Additional styles for ocFilter 4.7.5

    Features of the online clothing store template:

      Easy installation
      Adaptive layout
      Multi-language support
      Three types of display of goods: list, price list, grid
      Added seo text output
      The presence of HTML banners (not a picture)
      Stylish icons from Stroke icons 7
      Modern fonts
      The latest version of Owl Carousel is installed.
      Replaced Magnific Popup with Lightbox
      Convenient menu in the mobile version (sidebar)
      Implemented an additional menu in the mobile. versions for quick access to the basket, goods in comparison, bookmarks
      Category Wall module
      Module “Bestsellers (Vertical)”
      Module “Last (Vertical)”
      Module “Recommended (Vertical)”
      Implemented block with payment methods (edited via footer.tpl)
      Implemented "Service" block (edited via footer.tpl)
      Implemented change of product images when hovering.
      Implemented display of images of child categories
      realized the output of the link "Products in comparison" in the header
      Added output of product discount percentage
      Implemented phone number in the header and basement
      Implemented output email in the header and basement
      Implemented the conclusion of the time of the store
      Added links to social networks in the basement (change via code)
      Added cookies window
      Added “Plus / Minus” buttons on the product page
      Added “Up” button
      Rebuilt page with manufacturers
      Rebuilt personal account of the buyer
      Optimized and structured code
      Support for different browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Edge)
      A set of beautiful and lively banners

    There is an “OCFilter” filter in the template. It is not included in the price of the template. The template changes the standard common.js. Therefore, before installing it, we recommend making backups.