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Google Analytics 4

Universal Analytics will no longer process new data in standard properties beginning July 1, 2023. Prepare now by setting up and switching over to a Google Analytics 4 property


  • The First Professional Opencart Extension For Google Analytics 4 Enhanced eCommerce
  • Setup By Multi Store
  • Opencart Order Conversion Tracking Using "Purchase" Events
  • Support Multiple Currencies
  • Support any theme, quick checkout, payment extensions
  • Support Opencart Version 2.x + 3.x
  • Support Ocmod + Vqmod
  • Free Installation And Free Support
  • No Hidden/extra Cost
  • Note : Extension Licence Valid For Single Domain Only (Except Multi Store)

Measuring Enhanced Enhanced Events

  • login - user has logged in
  • sign_up - user has signed up for an account
  • add_to_cart - an item was added to a cart for purchase
  • add_to_wishlist - an item was added to a wishlist
  • remove_from_cart - an item was removed from a cart
  • refund - user submit refund form
  • view_item - some content was shown to the user. Product views and interactions
  • view_item_list - event when a user is shown a list of items, Like related products
  • view_item_list - event when a user is shown a list of items, Like related products
  • search - help you identify the most popular content in your app
  • begin_checkout - user has begun a checkout
  • add_shipping_info - user has submitted their shipping information
  • add_payment_info - user has submitted their payment information
  • purchase - Order Confirmed. user has finished the purchase and lands on "Thank You" Or "Success" page

Enhanced Data For Above Events

  • affiliation - store name (Multi store support)
  • item_id - SKU or product id
  • item_name - product name or title
  • quantity - product ordered quantity
  • price - product price (if special/discount then special/discount price else actual price)
  • discount - difference amount between price and special price
  • currency - the currency, in 3-letter ISO format
  • item_brand - the brand name / manufacturer name
  • item_category - the product category name
  • item_category2 - the product category's child category name
  • item_category3 - the product category's child of child category name
  • search_term - the search keyword (for search event)
  • payment_type - payment method name/title (for add_payment_info event)
  • shipping_tier - shipping method name/title (for add_shipping_info event)
  • coupon - order coupon code
  • transaction_id - opencart order id (for purchase event)
  • value - order final amount (for purchase event)
  • shipping - order shipping amount (for purchase event)
  • tax - order tax amount (for purchase event)